Forside Doula (33) - Spinning Babies

    Doula (33) – Spinning Babies

    Spinning Babies is knowledge about how to create an Easier Birth with Fetal Positioning through simple techniques, logical thinking and movements.

    Spinning Babies approved trainer Jennifer Walker, is Christinas next guest in Doula and they will have a talk about why it’s important as a pregnant woman to know about body functions and how to find out for your self how your baby is positioned in your belly.
    You will also be introduced to a very simple excercise which can create space in your pelvic for an easier birth.

    You can learn more about Spinning Babies here:

    Guest: Jennifer Walker – Spinning Babies approved trainer

    Doula-Host: Christina Hedegaard Jørgensen
    Studio: Mediehuset København
    Production: Kanal 1